Pretty Little Things…. A Tribute to Hayden James’ EP Artwork


I am really  a sucker for great artwork – mostly on album covers and wine bottles. Now if you think that says a lot about me personally maybe you should think again. Hey c’mon I just really like pretty things and I’m more willing to part with the hard earned when it looks real nice as well as serves some sort of function. You must admit that music and wine do kind of go hand in hand!


This cover art on electronic musician, Hayden James self-entitled EP is simply amazing and I do have to say it really influenced my decision to buy the album. I’m not joking. I listened to the tracks but it was the artwork that pulled me in initially.


I didn’t own other persuasive knowledge at the time like that, James is on the Future Classic label, a label that also features the artist Flume – whose music has just about rocked everyone’s world who has come in touch with him. Call it intuitive, call it crazy, call it down right stupid if you will. I pick things cos their pretty.

Why are we so attracted to pretty things even when have been beaten down with the old adage;

it’s really what is inside that counts’?


Can you just love art for art’s sake? I think you can. We could have a long discussion about Andy Warhol and the commodification of art in the Postmodern Era. But we won’t. I’m just going to own it. Hayden James, the artwork on your album rocks and it looks real pretty next to the Parallel Paradise EP by Hermitude cover in my iTunes. Amen.