The 90’s in a snapshot -The 20 year anniversary of ‘Reality Bites’ – What I’m reading, watching and listening to…


I was seventeen when Reality Bites was released.  I went to the cinema, with a group of friends to see it.  This year is the film’s twentieth anniversary and the movie stands up, still – after twenty years.

The film is a snapshot of Generation X and their attempts of a group of friends to make sense of their lives after graduating college. The movie follows the ups and  downs of four characters. Lelaina Pierce the valedictorian of her college and aspiring film-maker (Winona Ryder),   Troy Dyer (Ethan Hawke) who despite his high IQ can’t seem to find his place in the world as well as Vickie Miner played by the amazing (Janeane Garofolo) who as Vickie works at the Gap for minimum wage. In the film she is struggles with a promiscuous past in which she must confront whether or not she could has contracted HIV. Then there is  Sammy Gray (Steve Zahn) who is in the closet and wanting to come out to his family before he ‘does the big A’.

Directed by Ben Stiller who also plays  Micheal Grates and Winona’s would-be boyfriend in the film and written by Helen Childress the film pinpoints a moment in time and translates it successfully into film.

Who can forget the scene in the service station where Lelaina and Vickie dance to My Sharona. Or when Vickie discusses her fears about having an AIDS test worrying that everyone will come to her funeral in halter tops like in Melrose place? There are so many great moments in Reality Bites, the humour is cracking and has stood the test of time – the jokes are still funny and the serious moments still poignant.

For me watching “Reality Bites” again was a blast from the past and one that I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting again. Happy twentieth anniversary Reality Bites!

Generation X

Speaking of all things Generation X, Douglas Coupland’s book Generation X also follows a group friends who ares trying to distill meaning in their lives in a period (the late 90’s) when everything seems to be futile and meaningless. The Baby Boomer’s have left Generation X with environmental destruction, flimsy values and a sense of inertia. Telling stories to one another is the only way Dag, Claire and Andy can try and make any sense of their lives. They refuse to be a ‘target market’ working Mcjobs ( low pay, low prestige, low-dignity no future jobs), and ‘dropping out’ in order to live a life in which meaning is constructed through the small moments and storytelling. Andy, Claire and Dag’s stories form the backbone of the book. They are amusing, poignant and disturbing revealing the inner world of the characters.

‘Generation X – Tales for an accelerated culture’ spawned the term ‘Generation X’ which is now the infamous defining term for the generation born after the Baby Boomers. A good read and an interestingly set out book that includes definitions of all things Gen X.

Suzanne Vega 2

Suzanne Vega is famous for the 90’s hit Tom’s Diner but one of my favourite albums of all time is Vega’s 99.9 fahrenheit degrees. This album doesn’t include Tom’s Diner – every track on this album though is great. A real gem from the 90’s and definitely one to check out!


Would my life be more fulfilling if I watched Aussie Rules Football? (A Fiona Apple fan speaks….)



I love Fiona Apple. You can listen to her music over and over and over and never get sick of it. I must have listened to Tidal hundreds of times yet it still blows me away upon every listen.  How cannot you not love someone whose song lyrics include:

 When all I do is beg to be loved”.

I think Pitchfork magazine summed up the how, the why and the what of Fiona Apple is in this interview with Carrie Battan.

And, at 34, the singer’s energy is coiled as tightly around a core of human emotion as it was during her Tidal days in the 1990s. She still seems so tethered to pure feeling that she has nothing left to expend on the practical and logistical concerns of the world around her…”

Battan captures for me how I would, if I could describe what Fiona Apple’s album’s are like and the emotional well (if you like) of whence they came. I’m talking like I know Fiona Apple! The scary thing about her is that she puts everything into her music, her heart, her sweat, her life, her energy, her soul and you think you that you do get to know a piece of Fiona Apple. I’m even assuming that I know that much! The truth is probably that the more you think you know of Apple the more she would be there to confound you with a clever contradiction. Yep I really like her a lot. I think she is fascinating. And I guess the reason I like her so much is that she just is who she is. She is this great artist, who you can’t really say you know despite the fact she puts it all out to bare in her albums.

I was at work today. Sometimes I work. I try to work. I do bits and pieces of this and that. This job though was quite a serious one. Temping in an administration role for an accountancy firm. I really enjoyed all the people that worked there. My interview consisted of the Office Manager driving 100 kilometres to meet me for five minutes.  She said:

I don’t believe in interviews

So that was it! I got the job…

Anyways I was at work and my boss gave me his business credit card to buy nespresso pods for the office. I was trying to make light conversation as it was awkward him standing there whilst I went through the many various screens of the Nespresso website. It was his last day before he went on annual leave.

I said: ‘You must be getting excited’.

He then stated in a tone: ‘What? -about the Grand Final?’.

I said: ‘No about going away for annual leave and then I added for good measure ‘that I didn’t like football and didn’t watch it ( so no I didn’t mean the Grand Final).

He then said ( in a very serious way) : ‘Your life would be much better if you followed football’.

I told him: to ‘get over himself – (in a joking kinda non-disrespectful way)’.

To which he stated again: ‘that my life would be a lot better if I followed a team.’ ( he didn’t say that in a joking way at all by the way…)”

So then I came home. Actually I really started to think about what he said the instant he said it. I started thinking would my life be better if watched football and had a team. Went to games and supported my side. Wore a scarf and screamed and shouted when the team got a goal. Was the fact that I didn’t have a team make me an incomplete person? I don’t know, maybe I’m weird. Give me Fiona over football any day. I’m just that kind of gal.