Oh what a mess!

The table is a complete mess. The kitchen is a mess too. Clothes are strewn on the 8 seater dining table. Here I sit, with my laptop, H20 (which has not been touched), Ruby Sparks, Acrylic Medium, paint, clay and chinese inspired paper. This is just at one end! At the other is a nearly finished painting. It is one of two that I will enter in the local art competition where my parents live. 

They have a cattle farm which is about 150 km’s south of Perth. They moved to the outskirts of the town some 15 years ago which in small town terms nearly makes them locals! The art competition has been running for several years now. The opening night party is always a blast. Practically the whole town shows up. There are fairy lights and everyone brings a plate.

I’m in this strange headspace of giving up smoking. Yes I’m still having a few, but it doesn’t taste good anymore. So in my head I’ve given up but my bodily habit of sitting down and going through the motions of having a cigarette are still there. I don’t know what to do with all the extra time I have even though there is obviously things for me to do. Motivation zero.

My Bf and I went to my parent’s place to catch up with my cousin and his wife the other night. My mum had made this mega carrot cake that looked really impressive.. So tonight I made dinner for my Bf and I was like, ‘do you want some vegies’ and he said ‘are they crispy like your mum’s?’.  

Mum is usually a really crap baker and she actually had to cut a hole in the carrot cake because it wasn’t cut properly in the middle ( only something she shared with me).  My bf (half jokingly?!) was like ‘ can you make me a carrot cake tomorrow?!!!!!’

Ha ha I told him that he was treading a very fine line comparing my cooking to my mum’s. Super sensitive me came out in spades. And no my vegies weren’t crispy like my mum’s and no I’m def not making a carrot cake anytime soon! As for the house that is tomorrow’s job…